The Rooms

After leaving your car in the private car parking of the Petit Relais, you have to face of only a little decision: the choice of your room among the six available. Each has its own soul, always attentive to synthesize the charm of antiquity, thanks to patient cleaning of all pre-existing objects in the two buildings, with contemporary comfort requirements: badge for entry, TV, Internet connection, independent conditioning, soundproofing, minibar, large bathroom and hair dryer.

In the Chambre de l’Alpage, under an eighteenth-century beams and thick lime, stone and earthenware walls, you will experience a journey to discover the rough and quiet life of high mountain pastures.

In the Chambre de Mama Gran you feel welcomed with great kindness, as among the strong and tender arms of a grandmother, thanks to the warmth of intimacy.

The Chambre de l’Oncle Mien, the owner’s great-uncle who spent his life among these walls of stone, with beautiful loft in larch illuminated by the delightful window.

The Chambre du Chalet, with its beautiful ancient truss, will offer a dive in search of lost time, away as long routes of the medieval pilgrims who may have impressed the mysterious crosses on the beams.

From Chambre Bellevue your sight will be lost in the enchanted landscape, like a shimmering Flemish painting, and in the original fresco that, from the balcony, testifies the ancient origins of the buildings.

Last but not least, perhaps for a romantic getaway, the Chambre des Rêves, where a cast iron bathtub and a crackling fire will completely restore even when the wonderful holiday will live only in your memories.