Nordic Skiing

In Valpelline there are three tracks to practice Nordic skiing: the Bionaz track is divided into three rings, respectively of 2, 3 and 5 km for a total of 10 km at each level of difficulty. It is furthermore present a polygon to practice biathlon. The 7.5 km of Ollomont track can be followed also in the evening thanks to the lighting system. In Valpelline too there is a 6 km track for Nordic skiers.

Alpine Skiing

Aosta Valley is the ideal place for downhill skiing. Just 3 km from the Petit Relais less experienced skiers will find the baby slope of Ollomont equipped with a skilift and snow play-ground for children. The most popular ski-slopes, easily accessible from Valpelline, are those of Pila (30 km), connected to Aosta with a cable, Crevacol (20 km), Courmayeur (45 Km), La Thuile (54 km) and Cervinia (64 km).

Nordic Walking

As an alternative to skiing, the valley of Gran San Bernardo offers interesting itineraries for easy walks on foot or with snowshoes. A new kind of sport that is emerging around the world. Sport for all and for the whole year that offers an easy, inexpensive and funny way to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ski Mountaineering

Valpelline and Valley of Gran San Bernardo are the realm of ski mountaineering: Winter and Spring itineraries, easy, medium, hard and difficult are present in both valleys, based on comfortable mountain huts. The mountain guides of Valpelline and Gran San Bernardo are the reference point for all fans of this activity and also for ski schools. Some paths put into communication with Haute Route Chamonix-Zernatt, which runs not far from Valpelline, inserting it into the most notorious of Alpine ski trails in the Alps.


Like diamonds, the ice falls increase the charm of the mountains in winter and attract an increasingly large number of fans. The ice climbing, and its current evolution – dry tooling – offer fan of this kind of mountaineering great satisfaction. The Valpelline, and its innumerable valleys, preserve some of the most spectacular ice streams of Aosta Valley.

Heli-ski and freeride

In Valpelline and Valley of Gran San Bernardo routes suitable for the practice of freeride are numerous, and the district of Crevacol, with its ski lifts, is among the most popular in Europe. The slopes suit here every skier, from beginners to experts. These routes are naturally suitable even for snowboard. Those who wish to practice heli-skiing on the most beautiful peaks in the entire Valle d’Aosta can count on many itineraries to discover more exciting canals, where panoramas are breathtaking.

Hiking & Trekking

Valpelline and Valley of Gran San Bernardo are crossed by Alta Via n. 1 of Aosta Valley, Tour of Cervino, Tour des Combins, Tour des Barrages and plenty of trails that are developed at the foot of the most beautiful mountains in the region. These routes have many alpine huts: all comfortable and provided with modern facilities. In addition to these major routes, Valpelline and Valley of Gran San Bernardo hide numerous routes to destinations not very well known but yet always fascinating.


For all free-climbers and mountaineers who wish to improve their athletic training, mountain guides provide experience and technique and five climbing routes offer equipped ways for all levels and difficulties. These pathways are based upon the comfortable refuge of Crête Sèche of Cai of Aosta, from which is possible to reach the routes in about half an hour.


Where the paths merge with the rock and the ice, begins the reign of the climbers bounded by the Gran Paradiso massif, the only 4000 m all Italian mountain, from the majestic Grivola and infinite hills, mountains and peaks to be conquered along the footsteps of the pioneers of mountaineering, that right on these summits have taken the first steps back in the Eighteenth century. In Valpelline and Valley of Gran San Bernardo are possible itineraries of any order of difficulty: from the baptism of the peaks of Mont Gelé, until the grand ascent of the Dent d’Hérens. But the classic mountaineering is not the only practicable activity. On other mountain ranges in the area are possible rock climbing along equipped routes, climb up walls of ice and ridge crossings.


The Torrent Buthier Valpelline, special reserve open from May 1st 2010, offers the possibility to choice Nokill techniques both with Fly and Spinning. The reserve starts from Ru Pompillard – Prailles until Champette – Valpelline. Fishing is permitted from May 1st to the second Sunday of October


Two synthetic courts (by charge) are available – by reservation – at 2 km from the Petit Relais


Golf fans can have fun in 9-holes-course of Arsanières in Gignod, just 7 km from Valpelline or in 6-holes-course of Les Iles in Brissogne.

Rafting, Hydrospeed, Kayak

Perhaps not everyone knows that rivers and streams of Aosta Vally are considered among the most beautiful and exciting in Europe. At 48 km from Valpelline rafting, canyoning, hydro speed and kayaks can be carried out in the company of qualified instructors for a very exciting day.